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Name : Diana Spencer
Birthday : July1, 1961 0:30am
Gender : Female
Horoscope : Ox

A) General

You belong to weak "Yi wood" and born in mid summer. You need water element to modulate the hotness and wood element to support you. So green, blue and black are your favorable colors. East and North are your lucky directions. You are wealthy, clever, and beautiful. Your luck is basically good since your luck direction is from west to north, which is favorable to you.

B) Luck Trend
Your luck was bad in your childhood. Your health was not good especially during 2 to 6 years old. You parent would divorce when you were 7 to 9 years old.

You could study well in your teenage period. You would get married very early (the best chance was during 20 to 21 years old). You were in good luck during ages of 17 to 21 and 27 to 31. However, your luck and health were bad when you were 22 to 26 years old. You should have babies in these 5 years also. However, it's not an easy job to take care of them in these 5 years. You would encounter a big disaster during the age of 32 to 41. You must be careful during these 10 years. By the way, you would separate with your father in these 10 years. If you can pass through these 10 years, your luck will turn good for a long period of time. During your 42 to 46 years old, you would be very happy and you can have a good income. Your good luck will continue until 56 years old. You can enjoy your life during these years. From 57 to 61 years old, you will suffer from sickness or difficulties. However, your luck is still not too bad. After these 5 years, your luck will turn good again until 71 years old. However, you will have a serious disease or accident in 66 years old. You need to be careful in this year although you are in good luck.

C) Advice
You have to be careful with you marriage affair in your whole life.

Note: all ages are based on norminal age. i.e. Western ages plus one year old.