The "Whole Life - 4 Pillars Destiny" provides you with a lot of useful information, such as your wealth, health precaution, favorable career, possible marriage timing and status. It also includes a description on your trend of fate from birth to your 70's, etc. We hope to help you take precaution on coming unfavorable events as well as assist you in planning for your future.


Name : Diana Spencer
Birthday : 1961-07-01 00:30
Gender : Female
Horoscope : Ox


Green, black, and blue colors are lucky colors for you.

East and North are your lucky directions.

You are an attractive, honest and gentleperson. Your male companion will dominate your life. Your noble manner, gentle character and attractive appearance contribute to the fact that you get along with most people. Fitting-in in different environment is not a problem for you. You are ambitious and not afraid to strive to achieve tough goals and objectives.

On the other hand, your cool, demure and outstanding demeanor often arouses jealousy from others. Your mother is very close to you and plays an important role in your life. However, support from mother is not as adequate as you expect. Your father's role in your life is unstable. Based on your 4-pillars structure, you have either 1 sibling or 3 to 4 siblings. You may get married twice. If not, you may have 2 children.

Health was not good during childhood. You tend to injure your head and limbs easily. By the way, fever and flu were also common occurrences.

Material wealth will come automatically; less from inheritance, more by means of your own efforts. Anyway, you will have a lot of money.

The opportunity to marry came early at around 19 to 21. Husband is older than you are. Wealth would follow with marriage. This is not a fervency marriage, most of the time your relationship with your hubby is just steady and normal. If you did not marry between 19 to 21, the next chance was 32. However, this is not a good marriage, as your marital problems would begin at age 32. Your husband is not stable and you may divorce and re-marry. Your children are bonhomie, honest persons. They value how people look at them and their goodwill. In their childhood, they like to lean on you, and do not always play with other kids.

You possess good interpersonal communication skill. Your career is filled with positions/titles without actual authority or responsibilities. You are a career woman type of person. Achievement is possible in artistry or the publishing field. When you encounter difficulties, people around you will lend you their helping hand.


Note: all ages are based on norminal age. i.e. Western ages plus one year old.

From the time you were born up to six-year-old, you were often sick or accidents often happened. Family life was not happy. From age 7 onwards your luck trend is even worse than the previous period. Your mother might fell in love with a man who was not your father. Your parent would divorce when you were 7 to 9 years old. Your family life was unstable. After twelve years old you would spend most of your time studying and learning. Up to fifteen years age you were basically happy. When you were 14 to 15 years old, your mother or an elderly member in your family would be exhausted and in bad health.

During age 17 to 21 (1977 to 1981) you could get married, most likely between age 20 to 21. Basically, you were in good luck during these 5 years. Then your good luck trend continuedand you might have babies before age 26. Taking care of them was not an easy job for you. Comparatively age 22 to 26 might not be as good as the previous five years. Afterwards up to age 31 everything was smooth in. You would be taken care of by many people, especially by your husband. However, your husband might have another girlfriend. He did not want to reveal the affair to you. However, you would know this when you were 30 or 31 years old.

From age 32 to 41 you were in bad luck. You would encounter much unhappiness, such as separation from your husband and/or your father (your father might pass away in this period). They would suffer from diseases also. However, your wealth accumulated, you did not feel happy and therefore developed a carefree attitude toward material wealth. You would do something hurtful to your husband. You might have an affair. You were basically satisfied with your life. But age 36 was an unhappy year although your wealth increased further. At around age 37, you will encounter a very bad disaster that may even hurt your life. If you get past this disaster, you will have a better future after age 41. From age 42 onward your wealth accumulates easily. You have both happiness and luck. But at age 46, you have to be careful again about your health. When you start to enter into age 47 to 51, you begin your West/North lucky fortune period for 30 years. Most of the time, life is good to you. You will have a lot of chances to travel around. Goodwill in your career or among friends improves day by day.

From age 52 everything is lively and smooth for you. You will be able to enjoy life. But you will not have much time to spend with your children. After age 57 although your companion will suffer from sickness or difficulties. In general, your own luck remains good up to age 66. However, at age 66 you need to be especially careful about your health. You may have diseases or accidents in this year (Year 2006). In Year 2027 when you reach the 67 years old, that is a bad year for you and you will have a very serious disease or accident. If you could ride over this hurdle you luck trend is good up to age 81.


During your life, you must be very careful about your marriage, since it influences your life vigorously.

Basically to others your life is desirable, however mentally you may not be happy. You must think carefully before making any important decision especially on affairs affecting marriage.

Good Luck!