Year 2024 is a troublesome year with conflict(s) everywhere between counties. Diplomatic dispute and argument will be frequent. The key confronting regions are among counties in the East and West side. The hostile actions do not look serious superficially, but underneath the problem(s) is more significant and harder to be solved.

Wars between countries shows no clear sign(s) of settlement. However, the Intensify will be lower and just continue to drag. Terrorist attacks may turn up more frequently. There may be assassination and\or bomb attacks cases. Tourist travel around may be vulnerable to unexpected events.

The possibility of economic recession is high for the western counties. The timing will be in the middle period of year 2024 from June to September.

Due to global warming, natural disasters such as earth slide and flooding will still happen on and off around the year.

Territorial Trend:

Due to USA’s monetary policy, US dollar will stay strong at high level. However, there is still possibility that USA may be suffered from short time economic recession. With the high interest rate policy, many countries will continue to suffer from high loans and trade deficits. Therefore, leading to the lasting of property and stock markets’ weakness.

China will continue to have many diplomatic issues to be solved, but the financial situation will be improved. There are still many trades restriction to be handled.

Singapore should be able to maintain her prosperity for the year.

While Hong Kong is going to fight or break through economic and social problems in the coming year.

Year 2023: with strong USD, high interest rate and oil prices, inflation affects many countries, property and stock market are restrained. Water flooding, landslide, earthquake etc. may still happen on and off (e.g., Sept to Oct serious flooding in Hong Kong). No signs of cessation of the war between Russia and Ukraine. More and more people will be killed out of the fight. The situation will intensify from middle year of 2023 (As mentioned in New York Times about 500k people dead in the war).
Year 2022: increase in oil prices, the inflation rate goes up which has to be catered of by interest rate increment. Fluctuation of stock and property market.
Natural disasters will be a significant problem. (Afghanistan earth quake, India water flood, China Canton Province flooding, Gansu landslide etc.)
Year 2021: Military confrontations will be lessened in number and/or magnitude worldwide. (USA army retreated from Afghanistan & the country united in short period of time). Stock market follows a gradual growth path. Property market investment will be cautious (China Evergrande issue)
Year 2020: USA have high chance of economic regression or political instability. The timing is at around middle of the year, which may affect the global economy. China affected by diseases (human and/or animal), diplomatic problem and/or internal political control decisions. The problem arises affect the relationship of the country with the outside world.
Year 2019: Climate changes bring in more and more disasters (Australia suffered from heat wave up to 50 degree Celsius); possible military confrontations (Syria area war);
Conflicts between China and USA comes again in the second half of the year, economy is affected again to slow down. And trade activities steady down at the end of the year. Unexpected fluctuation and confrontation: Hong Kong riot.
Year 2018: Serious epidemic sickness may be happened in frigid area. (Germany 130 died of epidemic flu) There are many foreign affair disputes with various districts/counties especially during the mid-year (June to September). The incidents may affect the goodwill of the country and commercial trade improvement as well as the recovery speed.
Year 2017: Economic growth will still be slow. Terrorist attack at around May to September (van ramming on Los Ramblas in Barcelona, was staged in August by alleged ISIS loyalists and left 16 dead; Manchester on May 22. The bombing, at a concert by American pop star Ariana Grande, left 22 dead). USA’s foreign affairs’ dispute may increase.
Year 2016: Europe still face internal complicated problems arise from different countries, will need more time to handle and recover.
Year 2015: Stock Market fluctuates, watch out for the chance of short period of environmental factors changes that bring in optimistic speculators who invest in the stock market in the beginning and ending of the year. Other than the period mentioned market just fluctuates.
Year 2014: A year of UNREST. Global warming effect especially in the northern part of the earth. Property market adjusted slightly downwards & stock market fluctuates without clear direction.... Confrontation of China with Southeast Asia in the 1st half year.....Rise of USD...etc.
Year 2013: Epidemic diseases will spread over many regions, affecting areas in Middle East and Africa, such as countries like Iran, Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia etc. The period of infection will be primarily in the first half of this year.
Year 2012: “One good thing in 2012 is that there are lesser terrorist attack issues and military confrontation. Natural disasters frequently occur, especially water flooding and heavy rain\snowing. Property market fluctuates in narrow range and lacks of clear direction. After Sept 2012 the situation will be clearer and properly turns downwards.”
Year 2011: Although the USA government tries all possible means to improve the economy, the effect is not significant. Many countries in the world are busy dealing with their internal or external headache affairs. Countermeasures for problems create side adverse effects to society or part of the people that leads to an unrest situation, protest is on and off.
Year 2010: From July onward the confrontation intensifies between countries in Eastern and Western side. China will be the key country that others would like to balance the trade deficit from. Southeast Asian countries can stand out in performance as compared with other parts of the world….US currency will be further deflated.
Year 2009: The situation is like a ladder climbing model from starting of the year up to almost end of the year in a unify pattern.The western world will be the toughest region and weakening sign comes again at the year-end (Euro Countries) after the situation recovers a bit.
Year 2008:

The financial world may be trembled by sudden financial issue. Economic growth will slow down...

Year 2007:

The financial situation and US currency may still be weakened. Singapore Property market slow down and fluctuate in narrow range after mid year.

Year 2006: Regions and economic may suffered from inter-national Dispute,
military confrontation may also happen. (Israel against Neverlands).
Year 2005: the adverse luck trend in Canada Region (the New Orleans's
Desperation) & Currency Revaluation of China
Year 2004: Countries' Restructuring and Re-election;
Year 2003: "SARS";