Year 2017 will be more or less similar to last year. Economic growth will still be slow. But there will be some signs of stabilization and gradually going to improve. The key is still on the performance of USA and China. Global political environment may have changes.

Terrorist activities may be lessened. However, there may still have attacks at around May to September. People still need to be cautious when travel around.
For Africa countries and Tropics area, serious epidemic disease may occur again, or destruction caused by storm or water flood.
Interest dispute between countries will be on and off.
Due to interest rate rise, property market lacks of energy to bloom. The market is still under adverse situation, property price can only be kept in steady level. For stock market, there will be no clear direction for the market to go and fluctuates up and down. It will only perform better in certain months in the beginning and end of year 2017.
International currencies will fluctuate at wider range.

Europe will have to deal with material changes. Internal complicated problems need time to be handled and resolved. Under such situation, there will have slim chance for the economy to achieve significant growth. The terrorist attacks may return at around May to August 2017. Which effects on discouragement of the economic and tourist activities. The Euro currency may still have room to adjust downwards.

China may performs steady and able to achieve targeted growth in this year. The domestic demand improves continuously. The Competitive edge and ability are on the upward trend. However, the country will have to deal with more trade disputes. With the growing strength and goodwill, China is able to resolve the challenges. The international trade will mostly be smooth. Natural disasters may also happen in the mid-year that leads to life and/or wealth losses.

Southeast Asia, the countries in the region may lean more on China for trade and/or support as the assistant obtain from USA/Europe will be weaken. And also the international economic prospect is not clear and positive. The countries face dull economic condition and slim economic growth. Even further, some of the countries may have to deal with domestic unrest and complaints.

Singapore, try to stabilize and improve the country’s economic performance. However, the growth is not significant. Property market is just leveled. The service industry may be the better performer within the year.

USA in year 2017 will show a vibrating domestic issue as well as foreign affairs.
There may unexpected up and down situation. Foreign affairs’ dispute may increase. The handling way may be a bit flippant. Most of the attention will be on the financial and economic side. Growth will be observed within the year especially in the second half year. However, the goodwill and leadership role of the country may not be as sound as before.
US dollar continues to rise a bit due to increase of interest rate and improved economic condition. There may be frequent serious traffic or flight accidents.

Year 2016: Europe still face internal complicated problems arise from different countries, will need more time to handle and recover.
Year 2015: Stock Market fluctuates, watch out for the chance of short period of environmental factors changes that bring in optimistic speculators who invest in the stock market in the beginning and ending of the year. Other than the period mentioned market just fluctuates.
Year 2014: A year of UNREST. Global warming effect especially in the northern part of the earth. Property market adjusted slightly downwards & stock market fluctuates without clear direction.... Confrontation of China with Southeast Asia in the 1st half year.....Rise of USD...etc.
Year 2013: Epidemic diseases will spread over many regions, affecting areas in Middle East and Africa, such as countries like Iran, Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia etc. The period of infection will be primarily in the first half of this year.
Year 2012: “One good thing in 2012 is that there are lesser terrorist attack issues and military confrontation. Natural disasters frequently occur, especially water flooding and heavy rain\snowing. Property market fluctuates in narrow range and lacks of clear direction. After Sept 2012 the situation will be clearer and properly turns downwards.”
Year 2011: Although the USA government tries all possible means to improve the economy, the effect is not significant. Many countries in the world are busy dealing with their internal or external headache affairs. Countermeasures for problems create side adverse effects to society or part of the people that leads to an unrest situation, protest is on and off.
Year 2010: From July onward the confrontation intensifies between countries in Eastern and Western side. China will be the key country that others would like to balance the trade deficit from. Southeast Asian countries can stand out in performance as compared with other parts of the world….US currency will be further deflated.
Year 2009: "the situation is like a ladder climbing model from starting of the year up to almost end of the year in a unify pattern.The western world will be the toughest region and weakening sign comes again at the year-end (Euro Countries) after the situation recovers a bit.”
Year 2008:

"the financial world may be trembled by sudden financial issue. Economic growth will slow down..."

Year 2007:

The financial situation and US currency may still be weakened. Singapore Property market slow down and fluctuate in narrow range after mid year.

Year 2006: Regions and economic may suffered from inter-national Dispute,
military confrontation may also happen. (Israel against Neverlands).
Year 2005: the adverse luck trend in Canada Region (the New Orleans's
Desperation) & Currency Revaluation of China
Year 2004: Countries' Restructuring and Re-election;
Year 2003: "SARS";