One of my friends asked me that she has found a nice rolling marble fountain during window shopping, which she liked very much and would like to acquire and place somewhere at home for decoration. She would like to know any defects and/or consequences.  My answer is: it will be wise to let me have a check at her home’s fengshui layout then decide on the suitable position to place the fountain. Otherwise, if any unfavorable event occurs after the installation, she better either removes it immediately or reallocates the position of the fountain.

Within the knowledge of fengshui, water source and/or water flows are always being utilized to magnify or initiate the fengshui effect of a certain direction or the whole layout. On the contrary, if water is being placed in defect directions, water possesses the similar effect to strengthen the adverse fengshui effects. Since the continuously flowing water vaporizes and produces a mobilization effect.

In“Yi-Jing” (an ancient benchmark metaphysics writing) mentioned: “The source of regrets and happiness comes from motion itself”. The sentence indicates apparently that the phenomena of fengshui effects are realized or being made happened by motions initiate at certain directions or positions. In term of  “yin” dwelling (grave yard fengshui layout), best graveyard should be surrounded by friendly, harmonize water and mountains. Gentle waters sources that continuous flow around or circulate in front of the graveyard are mostly preferred. However, if water sources run turbulently towards the graveyard or running out rapidly from the graveyard side will create negative effect. From here we understood that water is a fengshui dilemma, that can support the fengshui favorable effects and can also generate a lot of problems if improperly used.

About human dwellings, motion is a commonly used method to magnify the fengshui effects. These motions can be fishes swim in pond, clock vibration, human traffic in corridor and entrance, Electro-magnetic fields of electrical appliances (TV, amplifier), air current from air-conditioner and fan, water current of fountain, water tape etc. Other fengshui placements may utilize the property, shape and color of the material (five elements) to bring out the fengshui effects. However, placement of water fountain and fishpond are still the popular and well-accepted method. The reasons are: water is able to clean dust in the air, and its dripping sound can clear the mind of a person and relief him/her from pressure after a day’s busy work. And most important of all, water is an effective medium to magnify the wealth luck. Therefore in front of many commercial buildings, water fountains are always seen with the purpose of increase the prosperity and improve the outlook of the building  (if the facing direction for the building is good, the effect will be obvious).

But where are the suitable positions to place water? As the common purpose for placing water is to improve wealth luck and/or business luck, water will usually be put at the back side and/or front sides (when the flying stars are good at these directions), left or right side at the front direction of the house (based on the fengshui principle of City Gate Privacy Code). Or the opposite side of the best direction within the every twenty yearly fengshui luck (for example, during year 1984 to 2004 the best prosperous direction is West, then the favorable direction to place water is at the East side. The directions with best favorable flying stars can also be placed with water.

In addition to strengthen the wealth luck, water can also be used to influence people’s marriage luck. However, an improper placement may lead to unfavorable love affairs such as second wife incident affecting the family. Based on its back and front flying stars, every house will have a defined position suitable to push for marriage luck. Further more, the yearly and monthly marriage luck flying stars may land on certain directions making them enforceable for marriage luck.

When the water is misplaced in adverse positions, unfavorable scenario may happen. For wealth, it may lead to loss of money or incapable to accumulate wealth. Relating to health, the magnification of fengshui effect at unfavorable position may cause casualty or sickness. Otherwise, suitcases, arguments are also common phenomena that are observed.

Therefore, if you would like to laid a fountain or fishpond and you don’t understand which position in the house can or cannot place water flows. It is advisable to consult fengshui advisors before the installation. You may find your return more than the service fee charged by a reliable fengshui consultant.