In the theory of Feng Shui, the luck trend of a dwelling house changes with time. Feng Shui masters based on the 3 Phases and 9 Flying Stars Luck Trend Principal (“3P9S”) to determine the luck of each direction. But what is the principal for the 3 P9S? 3 Phases means Upper Phase, Middle Phase, and Lower Phase. Every Phase governs 60 years (called a cycle of “Jia-Zi”), so the sum of period governed under the 3 Phases is 180 years. 9 Flying Stars Luck Trend bases on the respective Flying Star that governs the years. Each Flying Star dominant 20 years in the sequential order of no. 1 to no.9 stars.


The starting year of one 3P9S must be started with the year of “Jia-Zi”. Year 1864 was the starting “Jia-Zi” year that started the Flying Star no. 1 of the most recent 3P5S. So, the Upper Phase, Flying Star No. 1 governed the luck trend for the period from year 1864 to 1883. With its superior dominance, Flying Star (“FS”) No.1 (also means direction north) was the most prosperous star within this period. For years from 1984 to 1903 Upper Phase FS No. 2 dominated the luck trend. Therefore FS No.2 (also means direction southwest) was the most powerful flying star among the 9 FSs i.e. if FS No. 2 falls into the facing direction of your apartment, generally speaking your house will be filled with bliss. The period we are experiencing now from year 1984 to 2003 falls within the doctrine of Lower Phase FS No. 7 luck trend. Undoubtedly FS No.7 is the most prosperous star. Why every FS governs 20 years’ luck trend? This is due to the self-revolution cycle of Triones thatrecycles every 20 years. Furthermore, another two planets, Jupiter and Saturn will meet at a straight line in every 20 years. This phenomenon also affects the dominance of the individual 5 elements as well as the luck trend of the Earth. Thus leading to the changes of the Flying Stars’governance in every 20 years.


As mentioned above, years 1984 to 2003 are counted under the Lower Phase FS No.7 luck trend, so FS 7 (it belongs to Metal among the 5 elements) is the most prosperous FS. While FS No. 8 will be the next 20 years’ key FS. In addition to the 9 FS luck trends (every 20 years), every year is governed by another yearly FS (also numbered from 1 to 9 rotates in descending order). By locating this yearly FS in the middle of Lo Shu Diagram we are able to calculate the favorable and unfavorable directions of a specific year.  For instance, FS No. 9 governs the whole year of Year 2000, by putting FS No. 9 in the Lo Shu Diagram, then follows the theoretical sequential number placing pattern FS No.7 is laid at the East. Since FS is the dominant FS in this Lower Phase, unless the house/apartment is situated in a very unfavorable position or a FS No. 6 is also a FS of your dwelling at the East facing. Otherwise the dwelling with main door located at the East will be occupied with good luck, the residents in this dwelling will enjoy good income as the wealth luck of this dwelling is good in this year.


On the contrary, some FSs represent unfavorable luck trend or events. Such as FS No. 3 denotes suit case or losing money. For the year 2000 this FS is situated at the Northeast. Thus, if the main door of a dwelling is located at the Northeast, the luck trend of the residents in this dwelling may encounter suitcases or diminishing of wealth. FS No. 5 is a fierce and powerful star that represents sickness or death. In the year of 2000, FS No. 5 was located at the North direction. Then if the dwelling’s main door, toilet or water outlet is located at the North direction. And without any precaution placement (such as golden wind chime etc.) being put at the respective position to moderate and reduce the adverse effects, the residents in this dwelling will suffer from frequent sickness and/or even death/casualty. Furthermore, we can apply the same rule to the monthly governing FS and find out the favorable and unfavorable directions for the month. For instance, in the Chinese Farmer Calendar month, September of Year Geng Shen is governed by FS No. 6. With FS No. 6 located at the center of the Lo Shu Diagram, FS No. 5, the star that represents sickness or death falls in the Southeast direction. A friend happened to have his home’s main door located at the Southeast direction, at the occurrence of the star, he started to get sick. Following our advice he put a golden wind chime at main door, afterwards he soon recovered. Tracing of the FS No. 5 is a concerned topic of Feng Shui masters every year. Golden wind chime or other similar method of using metal to vent the fatal sick earthly star is always used to minimize the its adverse effect. The adverse effect of the FS No. 5 is especially significant when it flies to the main door or toilet at a specific year and specific month. Following is a table showing  the located direction of FS No. 5 in the past 5 years.



Flying Star No. 5’s 
 located yearly direction




South West




South East




 North West




North East






Basically, time is very important in the theory of Feng Shui. When a building’s construction is completed, its luck is fixed by its completion date. At different time (Year / Month), it’s Feng Shui luck will rotate. With the birthday of the resided people, we can calculate the Feng Shui Luck of the dwelling and the luck of the people who live in this dwelling. By matching the dwelling’s luck trend and resident’s luck trend, Feng Shui masters can then conclude whether the dwelling is suitable for the owner of the dwelling. So if there are someone who can help you to analyze the Feng Shui of your dwelling but without asking you the construction completion timing of the building, he may use other theories that are not related to the Flying Star Theory. The accuracy of his theories are not certain.