Everyone would like to do the right thing at the right time in order to achieve our goal and objective. However our DESTINY is out of human effort or control. If one manage to know the destiny trend of his/her life, he/she is possible to optimize: when should maximize effort for good return and when should cushion for loss. This web site will give you knowledge of destiny prediction by "4 pillar destiny calculation" and "Feng Shui"




Master Wilson Chiu is the master of the web site, who serve for individual client with his precious advise. Master Chiu has recognized university degree for his respective profession governed by stringent professional ethics, and is the director of an international company. For decades, he researched and studied the Chinese horoscopes. He perceives this subject as a statistical mathematics emphasis on replication of cause and effect. Since recent years he started to provide services to clients and friends around Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong. He is satisfied with clients' feedback on his astonishment and ability to disclose of their veiled family background and even for personal history which even the person do not aware of. His genuine advises and forecast always returned with patronage form clientele.



If you would like to foresee your future, need additional advice before making your decision, to know the best timing to commence your plan and its feasibility etc. Master Chiu will satisfy your need with our professional consultation with selected category.




We will provide an on site Feng Shui survey, find out and evaluate (we are mainly using flying stars theory) the existing merit and deficiency of your premises. We will advise you what are the necessary modifications and/or additional decoration to enhance the merit and evade the problems which will be happened in the coming 1 year. A detail report will be given after the site survey.




For 4-Pillar Destiny services, we accept clients from all over the world. However, Feng Shui service is only available in Singapore and part of Malaysia.



We will answer your follow up questions that are in the context of the original service to help you understand our analysis. However, we are not obligated to and will not provide any support for questions that are out of the specific service context.