Marriage is very important in everybody's life. Some people may have marital problems and some look forward to marriage. We will alert a married person if there is any problem in the marriage. And we will advise an unmarried person on his/her chance of marriage.   We will provide the gross analysis of your whole life luck trends in the report also.

Name : Diana Spencer
Birthday : 1961-07-01 00:30
Gender : Female
Horoscope : Ox

You belong to weak "Yi wood" and born in mid summer. You need water element to modulate the hotness and wood element to support you. So green, blue and black are your favorable colors. East and North are your lucky directions. You are wealthy, clever, and beautiful. Your luck is basically good since your luck direction is from west to north, which is favorable to you.

Your luck was bad in your childhood. Your health was not good especially during 2 to 6 years old. You parents would divorce when you were 7 to 9 years old.

You could study well in your teenage period. You would get married very early (the best chance was during 20 to 21 years old). You were in good luck during ages of 17 to 21 and 27 to 31. 22 to 26 years old were not good years for you. You would encounter a big disaster in the age of 32 to 41. You must be careful during these 10 years. You would separate with your father in these 10 years also. If you can pass these 10 years, your luck will turn good until 71 years old (except bad luck and health in 62 to 66 years old).

You need the support of a companion so you longed for marriage when you were very young. You had a chance to get marriage between the age of 19 and 21. Your husband is quite a bit older than you are, and wealth would follow marriage. The root element that represents your husband is unstable, and therefore, during age 32 to 41, you may get a divorce. The major reason for the split-up is due to conflict with your husband and your having a lover in this 10-year period. If you become divorced, you will re-marry soon again after the divorce. Your second marriage will be a good one and will last for over 42 years.

During your whole life, you must be careful about your marriage since this would influent your life vigorously. You must be careful during the age of 32 to 41, as disaster may happen in this 10 years. 

Note: All ages showed in above report are based on Chinese calculation method. You are considered to be 1 year old when you are born.